https // Account

Aka MS Remoteconnect, at https //, is a website that lets you use your Microsoft account to connect to other devices. More specifically, it is a website that lets players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One/Series X/Series S consoles play Minecraft together.

If you want to play Minecraft on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, you might need to use Aka MS Remoteconnect. This is especially true if you want to use the crossplay feature, which lets you play online with other players even if they are playing Minecraft on a different console or platform.

What is https // Error Message?

The error usually happens when playing Minecraft on a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch console, like the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Switch Lite. The error happens because Minecraft needs an active Xbox Live account for cross-platform play.

Https:// Minecraft Error Fix

When you see this screen, copy and paste your unique Code, then go to

Any standard Microsoft account can be used to sign in to Xbox Live for free. Because of this, your device will need to be able to connect to your Microsoft account in order for crossplay to work. This could then cause the remote connect error message to come up. It should look like this:

“When you sign in to a Microsoft Account, it will be permanently linked to your current “PlayStation Network” account (or Nintendo Switch, Xbox). You can use an existing Microsoft Account if you already use it to log into Minecraft on another device. You can only do this once per “PlayStation Network” account, so be careful when picking your Microsoft Account.

What Does It Mean When I Get the Error?

You might get an error message when you try to play Minecraft with friends. People often think of PlayStation or Nintendo Switch when they hear this (including Switch Lite). The error happens because Minecraft cross-platform gameplay requires an Xbox Live account.

If you already have a valid Microsoft account, you can sign in to Xbox Live for free. If you want to use crossplay, you will need to link your device to a Microsoft account. But you might still get an error message that says.

“When you sign in to a Microsoft Account, it will always be linked to your current account. Visit on a different device and enter this code: XXXXXX.

Remember that the exact words you use will depend on the device you’re using.

What does the “AKA MS Remoteconnect Error Message” mean?

So, why do you keep getting these kinds of errors? There are two people to blame. Accessing the crossplay feature for the first time on a new device is a common scenario, especially if the new device is not linked to an existing Microsoft account. Error messages are more likely to show up on devices that don’t use the Microsoft OS, like PlayStation and Nintendo.

There are also times when you might get an error right after switching devices (such as transitioning from an Xbox to a PlayStation or a PlayStation to the Nintendo Switch).

How do I fix an error with

There are many ways to fix this kind of mistake, which is good news. Often, this depends on what’s going on in your life. First of all, keep in mind that you have to have an active Microsoft account. If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so for free here:

Then, you’ll need to choose “Create a Microsoft Account” and follow the instructions that come up. Note that creating a new account can sometimes solve problems caused by devices that are incompatible.

Let’s say you already have an MS account and the Aka MS Remoteconnect portal needs you to enter a code. In this case, go to the Https:// url from a different device than the one you’re playing Minecraft on.

Then, when asked, type in the code that shows up on your Minecraft game screen. When you click the “Next” button, your device should be connected to the Microsoft account that is linked to it.

How to fix PS4’s

PS4 RemoteConnect set up

Sign into your Microsoft account, then go to and enter the Minecraft code.

Sign out of your Microsoft account and uninstall Minecraft.

Go to the Playstation Store and look for Minecraft there.

Get the game, and then run it.

Sign in to your Microsoft account at https // Type in your code from Microsoft.

Turn on Cross-Play on the PS4.

CrossPlay on Playstation is set up in the same way as it is on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. check to see if the Cross-Play feature is turned on.

Run Minecraft on your PS4 or PS5 console.

Put the game on hold, and then click Invite to Game. Click the Friends menu, then click Find Cross-Platform Friends.

You can look up the Minecraft IDs of the people you want to play with to find them. Click Add Friend.

Wait for your friend to accept the invitation, and then you can join their world.

Solution 2: Get rid of all your Minecraft saved games.

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of all the bad data on your console:

Open Minecraft and go to System Settings > Storage in the menu. You will see the game files you have saved.

Select the game file you saved, then click the trash can icon.

Get the code for Minecraft

But you need to click on https // before you do anything else.

If you still have trouble after clicking the link, you can say that https, which is also called “ms remoteconnect,” is not working.

This link will take you to https //, which is remoteconnect.srf. Page to log in to Minecraft.

Enter the 8-digit code “2FRBVP2H,” which you can see in the picture above. The “Next” button is down below. Just click it.

Now, a “Play” button will show up on your screen. Just click it. This takes you to https, which is also called ms remoteconnect.

Then you’ll go to the Minecraft Game’s main screen. Click on the Swipe icon to add a friend.

Add your Microsoft Game tabs one at a time to your Microsoft Game account until you find your friends.

You can sign in to your Microsoft Live Account using this Login Link. The remote connect not connecting error can be fixed with the code for Aka MS Remoteconnect.

Connect your PS4 to a Microsoft Account. Make sure you only use the Microsoft account you want to link to your Playstation Network. Your Microsoft account will always be linked to the PS Network (PlayStation). You can carefully and wisely connect your https // Microsoft Account to PS4.